Pivalic Acid
Pivaloyl Chloride
N,N-Dimethyl acetamide(DMAC)
Tetramethyl Guanidine(TMG)
N,N-Dimethyl acetamide(DMAC)

[Chemical Name] :  N,N-Dimethyl acetamide
[Molecular Formula] : C4H9NO
[Structural Formula] :

[CAS NO] : 127-19-5
[Physicochemical Properties] :
     Colorless transparent liquid with melting point of -20℃,
     boiling point of 165 - 166℃,
     relative density(at 20℃) equal to 0.9429,
     refractive index of 1.437 and flash point of 70℃;
     dissolvable in water and organic solvents like , alcohol, ether, benzene or trichloromethane, very good stability in the absence of water, acid and alkaline.
[Quality Indicators] : 

   Superior Grade               Acceptable Product
 Purity(%)  ≥99.90            ≥99.50
 Water(%)  ≤0.03             ≤0.05
 Acidity(of acetic acid)(%)  ≤0.01             ≤0.01
 Alkalinity(of dimethylamine)(%)  ≤0.01   ≤0.01

[Packagaing] : 
                Polypropylene(PE) reinforced drum with net weight of 200kg/drum.

[Applications] :
     1. As an organic solvent of high boiling point, it is applicable for 
                      production of high malecular compounds like polyimide( PI) 
                      and polysnlfone amide (PSA), of synthetic resin films and   yarns as well as for crystallization and purification of synthetic    drugs.
     2.Serve as catalyst in organic synthesis reactions.
[Production Capacity] :  6,000 tons/year.

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